5 Cosmetic Surgery Expectations You Need To Manage

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Going under the knife is a big decision. Before a patient decides to go for it, they would need to consider a number of things and factors. But apart from checking out the possible outcome of procedure, you also need to be able to manage your expectations to ensure that you and your surgeon is on the same page.

If you are undergoing a breast augmentation in Dubai, be sure to know these expectations and know how to manage yours as well.

  1. Expect to be turned down


Some patients think that cosmetic doctors immediately accept patients as a candidate for cosmetic surgery. But the truth is, there are a number of variables that should be considered. Patients need to go under a number of tests and checkups to determine whether they are a possible candidate. Some cosmetic surgeons would probably turn you down for a number of reasons. For one, your case might not be up to their alley and might refer you to the right surgeon.


  1. It will hurt


Some cosmetic procedures promise that there will be no pain or discomfort. But you need to expect that you will feel a certain level of pain, when with non-invasive procedures. If your pain threshold is not that high, it would be best to tell your cosmetic surgeon about it. They would be able to prescribe pain medications to manage the pain and the discomfort.


  1. It can take time to heal


Patients expect that they will be able to go back to their normal routines after a couple of days. It is true that they might be able to walk a little 48 hours after the procedure, but their movements are still limited. If you want to know the recovery period for a tummy tuck in Dubai, be sure to ask your cosmetic surgeon. They will be able to give you an estimate time or duration based on their past cosmetic surgery patient healing time.


  1. It is not a lifetime thing


Another thing that patients should manage is that cosmetic surgery is not a lifetime thing. In fact, you may need to go back a few times to maintain the result of your cosmetic surgery. What you can do is make lifestyle changes to prolong the results.

  1. Results will not be immediate


Your cosmetic surgery will not take effect even after recovery. You may feel disappointed by what you will see, but try to be patient. Give it a few days or weeks. Consult your physician if you feel that the result is not what you expected.



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