4 home maintenance tips that will surely help you out

Taking care of your home is something that comes naturally for all home owners. It is part and parcel of the joys of home ownership. The best part about properly maintaining your home is that it will help increase the value of your home. However, there are people who consider it more of a nuisance as it requires a bit of effort and time. None the less, your home is a major investment and keeping it neat and tidy at all times is not a mere option that you have. It is a necessity, so to make things easier for you, we have come up with a few maintenance tips that you can easily follow:


1- You must know where the control points are given. Find out the location of the main plumbing valves as well as the electrical breakers. In case you do not have the blueprint of your home with you, then make sure that you hire a home maintenance service in Dubai to identify all of these controls for you.


2- Keep a check on the smoke detectors to make sure that your home is safe at all times. If something is wrong with them, have it checked and fixed by a professional right away. The fire extinguishers should be installed near the bedrooms and kitchen.


3- Make sure that you have a toolbox with yourself. This is going to help you make sure that you can manage basic repairs around your home on your own. In the kit, it is necessary for you to keep all the necessary materials. This includes light weight claw hammers, flat-head and philips head screw drivers, wire cutters, pliers, wood glue caulk, twine, duct tape, electrical outlet tester, stud finder and a straight edge ruler.


4- It is also important for you to acquire information about the life expectancy of the various components found in your home. The fact is that nothing lasts forever and this obviously applies to all the appliances that you have at your place. Fridges tend to have a useful life of about fifteen years, roofs last for twenty years, while the heaters are expected to last anywhere between ten to fourteen years. You will need to replace your carpet after eight years at max, and the paint will need to be redone every three years or so. The plumbing needs to be fixed or replaced every twenty five years and the electrical wiring lasts for about fifteen to twenty years. Pay attention to the life spans of every single appliance and make sure that it is replaced on time. Hire a specialist for AC maintenance in Dubai as well.

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